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Public Relations and Crisis Communications
MCA believes a proactive public relations program designed to manage issues and anticipate problems is the best way to avoid the need for crisis communications. We have built many such programs. However, when the unexpected happens, MCA has the crisis communications skills necessary to meet the challenge.

Government Relations
Winning in the legislature, state or federal, requires knowledge, organization and money. It's as much a game of what you know as who you know. MCA has the legislative contacts and the knowledge to create an effective government relations operation for your organization, supplement an existing program or tackle a special project.

Early Warning Systems
Before you can effectively lobby issues you must be aware of them and their potential impact on your organization and its operations. MCA combines modern technology with proven legislative and regulatory savvy to provide a succinct, timely analysis of emerging issues tailored to the of you and  your constituents.

Grassroots Lobbying
Lawmakers from Annapolis to the Washington, D.C. are most moved by the arguments of those that elect them, their constituents. Organizing these voices and votes into effective advocates is a craft MCA has perfected through years of practice. We design programs that educate and motivate an organization's people from top to bottom, making each an integral part of a finely tuned message designed to spell success.

Coalition Building
Mobilizing allies with shared interests can make the difference between legislative success and failure. MCA works closely with its clients to identify, create and coordinate formal and informal issue-based coalitions to fully exploit this powerful political tool.

Events Planning
Whether it's a Legislative Day designed to boost participation in lobbying efforts or a registration program to recruit grassroots activists, MCA has the depth of experience to make it happen.

Issues Management
A thorough understanding of the issues, players and processes enables MCA to anticipate, plan and execute programs that prevent unfettered events from dictating outcomes.

Developing the message and the best medium to deliver it – whether testimony, white paper, brochure, op-ed piece or tri-colored button - are arrows in every public affairs practitioners quiver. We have them too. The difference between them and us is our seasoned veterans consistently pick the right arrow for a bull's-eye.

Affiliations, Memberships, and Partnerships

MC&A maintains many integral relationships with leading national and state organizations. These strategic relationships keep us well versed in our practice areas and help enable the firm to offer the highest levels representation to our clients.

National Association of State Lobbyists 
A network of leading state government affairs professionals and state lobbyists across America,  members have been selected on the basis of their experience and proven success in representing the interests of their clients. Members are known in each of their states for their integrity, business ethics and expertise, and will bring strategic counsel, understanding and valued relationships to your advantage. (Website)

Dentons 50-State Government Affairs Network
Dentons 50 is a full-service, 50-state public policy and advocacy network offering unrivaled reach and depth in state capitols across the nation. Comprised of professionals with local expertise and experience managing policy issues in centers of power at the state and local levels, Dentons 50 is a comprehensive, centralized resource for any business faced with complex, multistate policy matters. (Website)

Maryland General Assembly 
The General Assembly is Maryland's legislative body and directly represents the electorate. The state has 47 districts represented by 47 Senators and 141 Delegates.

Maryland State Board of Elections 
The mission of the State Board is to provide all elig ible citizens of the State convenient access to voter registration; to provide all registered voters accessible locations in which they may exercise their right to vote, to ensure uniformity of election practices; to promote fair and equitable elections; and to maintain registration records, campaign fund reports, and other election-related data accurately and in a form that is accessible to the public.

Maryland State Ethics Commission 
The goals of the State Ethics Commission, as established by the Public Ethics Law (State Government Article, Title 15) are as follows: To ensure the public has the highest trust in its State officials and employees and to assure the public that decisions are made impartially and with independence of judgment. To ensure State business is conducted free from improper influence, or even the appearance of improper influence. To prevent conflicts of interest by administering public disclosure programs and standards of conduct for State employees, officials and lobbyists. (Website)

Maryland Office of Governor

Maryland Register 
This is an official publication of the State of Maryland and is published every two weeks.  The Register serves as the temporary supplement to the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR).

Maryland Board of Public Works