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Meet the Team | Our History



Manis Canning & Associates (MCA) has been representing the interests of its clients for more than 40 years.  Our team collectively has more than 150 years of experience working with legislatures, executives, and regulators in local, state and federal governments.

In 1974, George Manis took on his first client, the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA).  He continued lobbying on his own until 1991 when he founded MCA with Michael F. Canning.  Michael brought his public relations expertise to the firm and together they expanded its services to include public relations and trade association management.

MCA is among the oldest and most successful lobbying firms in the State of Maryland.  Nicholas Manis joined the firm in 1994 and has overseen the recent growth of MCA with the addition of Van Mitchell (former Chief Deputy of Department of Health & Mental Hygiene and Delegate), John Favazza, Esq. (former Chief of Staff to Speaker Busch), and Joseph Bryce, Esq. (former Chief Legislative Officer of two Governors and Chief of Staff to Senate President Miller).  Their varied talents, skills and unique experiences in business and politics, which can be viewed in detail on their individual profiles, have benefited the firm’s dozens of clients.

A pioneer in grassroots lobbying in Maryland, combined with the team’s expertise in disciplines such as law, public relations and business development, gives the MCA team the breadth and resources to respond to any situation.

MCA maintains relationships at all levels of government.  Business is conducted in a bipartisan manner, because friends and supporters on both sides of the aisle are necessary for successful lobbying.  The firm’s strategy is to touch all the bases from senior and veteran officials to newcomers.

Being on the front lines of public and government relations has taught us that teamwork is necessary to win on issues.  We pride ourselves on our ability to build and manage effective grassroots organizations and issue-based coalitions.

Despite our firm’s changes and growth, we still believe in the core values upon which our firm was founded.  Those values – integrity, truth, honor and credibility – which define our relationships with our clients, lawmakers and the media are as important today as they were when George began lobbying 40 years ago.  We believe our clients appreciate our approach and that is why, four decades later, we continue to represent George’s first client, the MPAA.  These values define who we are as individuals and as a firm.  These values are essential for maintaining our good name and the good name of our clients and preserving its commodity is of paramount importance to us.